old Newbie - Canondale Tesoro Neo X3


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Feb 6, 2022
Just joined. Live in Pacific Northwest where there are more trails than people!
Started with a Sondors X Fat Tire. Did not like it or support forums so last year bought a Canondale Tesoro Neo X3. What a difference - quality thru & thru. Handles just like a 'normal' bike too.
One question I do have is the label on the bike says Class 3 350W 28MPH but the motor is a Bosch Performance Line Sport which they say is 250W. Which one is it?

Take care everyone
Welcome to the forum! That's a nice ebike you have there the Cannondale. Class 3 ebikes are limited to 750Watts and 28MPH from what I have read. No idea why this why they would write 350W on the sticker when it is only a 250W engine.