Old Ebiker - Vivi how to set that speed lower at the lowest level?


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Dec 31, 2022
North in the summer and south in the winter, just the way things should be. Got the first in 2004. Crude and heavy but worked fine. Now I have a Bafang center drive fat tire in the north and a 36 v brushless folder in the south. Folder is just new and has a couple of features I do not love. Level of assist is actually a set speed at each level. When I ride with others it wants to run just a bit fast on the trails. What I need is to be able to set that speed lower at the lowest level. I do not care about the higher levels that much. Can some one suggest a new display that can be tuned or some other fix?
Currently 3 assist levels. I also would like to soften the start as it comes in a little harsh. I know there will be lots of knowledge and Expertise on this forum Thanks to all. Bobby44
G'day Human: folder controller is tagged as Plenty Controller - rated voltage =36 volts - Max current =15 - Rated current = 6 - Low voltage protection = 31.5 - throttle adjust voltage = 1.2 to 4 volts. This could be a pasted over tag on something from the lowest bidder?? motor is 36v, 350 w
What is the brand of the folder Ebike?

Can you get into any settings through the controller display?
correction on the name of controller/motor. It actually reads PLCNTV. Name on the frame and on the controller label is VIVI. The display in minimalist. I expect to have to buy a better one. I think the assist level will be set by a throttle adjust voltage. ( maybe 2.5 volts) There are 3 levels so maybe get in and set #1 to 2.5v?? . Or maybe disable the pedal assist and just use the throttle to meet the required speed? I used to work on turbine power/fuel control/demand this can not be any harder than that. Just getting to it is not as easy. Will try to attach photos of





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the plenty bike co is the company in china that makes the bikes and puts the Vivi logo on them when they are making them for Vivi. plenty is also who makes all the Amcheer bikes which are all exactly the same as the vivis other than the company puts an Amcheer logo on all the models and Amcheer uses different batteries. But the thing i have found to be the case with all of the vivis is that vivi don't know anything about their bikes and most of the salespeople who are only selling drop-shipped bikes also no nothing about the bikes or anything about any of the components and the oem also rebrands and changes the part numbers on most of the parts making it really hard to find a replacement with out going to vivi directly for the same exact part. they also do something with the wiring and the protocols on the displays so that even if you try to replace your display with the same exact brand and model as the one your bike came with but bought for a different supplier there is no guarantee they will even work . I just recently went threw this on my 48v 500 watt vivi bike when i tried to upgrade the display. and even tried the exact same keydisp display from another brand bike and for some reason, the standard pinouts on the cable don't work with the controller and they swapped the 2 wires for communication around. which also makes it hard to replace the controller with an upgraded controller without also replacing the display with one that will work with an upgraded controller. to be able to upgrade my display to a better one I also had to buy a replacement controller that i bought as a matched set so that i wont have any problems with the controller and display working together without have to cut the wire and mess with trying to get the proper connections on the wireing.