Old battery pack replacement ..... help!


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Jul 1, 2024
Charlotte, NC
have an old "Sun runner" ebike from 2009. Battery pack is shot and I need a replacement. Having NO luck even finding aftermarket source. Parent company has been no help. Can anyone guild me as to how to research any options for a replacement battery pack. Many thanks!!!
will try to attach a picture of this bike and battery. REALLY appreciate anyone's help.


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Thank you for comin here and sharing with us.
Please keep us posted and we hope you get good answers from those people.

Yur Welcome and Thank You! :)
What you pay for a battery can buy a new bike
Pretty much half a new bike, you are correct. I paid $2k for my bike. A spare 20ah battery was $650. Then I noticed they had 15ah batteries on close out for $185 so I got two of those as spares.
It would be nice if more batteries were standardized. This nation would not exist were it
not for standardized rifle parts. Wouldn't hurt the auto industry either, if the voltage
regulator from a ford would fit a chevy too. Standardized reusable packaging would
certainly eliminate a lot of plastic waste. Sadly industry is more concerned with
planned obsolescence! I have 6 dorado type batteries that fit a number of different