Ok, so this almost killed me today.


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10:15 PM
Jul 5, 2022
It wouldn’t have been so bad except for it’s appearance just coming out of a bend.


On the plus side, I learned that my Aventon disk brakes work really, really well when I immediately need them to. :)(y)
Tell us moar tell us moar!! :)

I came around a bend at 18 MPH, saw the tree, said “Holy Poop!” (really said something else), hit the brakes, stopped 2 feet short, cardio-converted myself out of ventricular fibrillation, let my pupils adjust back to normal, scooted around said tree, snapped a picture, rode home, posted on the forum, had a beer. :)
Glad you're OK Snoop.....it our neck of the woods.....we call that a small branch......LOL!

LOL, believe it or not, it must have been a tree at least 60 feet high. This was the very top of it and it just managed to cross the path when it fell.