Norco Sight VLT


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Sep 7, 2020
Anyone on here ride a Sight VLT, I just got mine and had some issues trying to get it charging, the manuals that came with the bike were no help at all.
The manual for the bike has instructions for a Bosch motor instead of the Shimano.
The Shimano manual has instructions for a removable battery.
I finally got mine to charge by powering in on then plugging power to the charger, weird, it would not detect the battery I guess.
Is there a special procedure for charging?
Bad manuals must be a Canadian thing, I work with some Canadian coders and the manuals are no better, almost like the Chinese manuals.
I wish I could help you here as this seems odd. The FAQ for Norco, just says to plug it into the seat tube. My Intense works the second I plug it in weather the bike is ON or OFF. If it’s ON, the bike will automatically turn off.
I contacted the store I purchased from and they are sending me the right manuals.
I own a vlt and I just plug it in when the motor is off and the charger light turns red to indicate its charging.
For some reason when I tried that it did turn red then it would turn off.
Will have to see what it does the next time I charge it, I drove 1400 miles to pick up this bike and don’t want to drive back for any issues.
According to the chart i fell into a large, I had one guy at a bike shop that said I was more for the medium, I ordered the large, the only thing was the seat post was way too high, but I was able to make a shim like the OneUp and reduced the travel from 150mm to 100mm.
Kind of a waist I wish I could trade for a 100mm I'm not sure of the weight difference, but any little bit helps, even tho this bike really does not feel that heavy to me.
As for the bike size I'm glad i bought the large.
This thing is so much easier pedaling against the wind and up hills.
Now if I could just retire from work.
No one should cheat themselves from buying an e-bike.
Mine is the same. I think it's great apart from the brakes (Guide T on VLT2) and the NX is just ok but I can live with it for now. OP you can swap out the seatpost for a 100mm, should get most of your money back on the 150mm second hand. I'm in the same boat short legs long torso, went for a medium.