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Norco Indie Build with BBS02 from Lunacycle


New member
Jun 21, 2018
I've been longing for building a mid drive 10 years back when I purchased my first ebike wheel from Currie. When I read about the BBS02 a couple of months prior, I knew I needed to get hold of one, sadly I requested one from another merchant and paid in excess of 2x the sum that Lunacycle is offering it for regardless I haven't gotten it yet! I couldn't hold up so I requested another BBS02 from Lunacycle and got it seven days after the fact and introduced it on another bicycle that I just acquired on Craigslist.

It took a great deal of running forward and backward to my bicycle shop to get every one of the devices and supplies and when I was introducing the throttle on the left half of the handlebar, I understood that my brakes were joined with my front shifter so I needed to return and buy a different water driven brake set. Another issue I had when introducing the Raceface fasten ring to the connector was the screws that held them together appeared to be too long. I in the long run settled that issue by flipping the Raceface chain ring around. Later on I understood that I set the chain ring on the wrong side of the connector, compelling the chain significantly assist far from the center of the back bunches.

I chose to mount my battery pack (EZEE battery pack) in a high caliber knapsack, an Evoc rucksack intended for winter sports. I manufactured a 4.5 ft battery link utilizing 12 AWG silicone wires from Luna Cycle with Anderson connectors toward one side and XT90 on the opposite end to associate with the engine. I utilized 1/2 " Flexo Pet sleeving to cover the wires for an expert look and warmth contracted the last details. I run this link through the drinking tube opening in my rucksack which flies out of a zipper on my shoulder lash. When riding, it is difficult to tell that I am riding an electric bicycle.