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Aug 22, 2021
Good evening everyone! I’m new to ebike’s and I’m eager to learn and have a good time. I just bought something to play with and build. I have a Juiced Riders ODK U500 V3 that I picked up with no battery and no controller. I also picked up a Rad Mission 48v 10ah battery to power this puppy.
So I will be searching the forums thoroughly for information but if you have good advice you’d like to share here id appreciate it.
What would be the easiest controller to buy and use on this build?


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It’s been pretty smoky around here, kids games and practices getting canceled, skies look like the apocalypse but not too close to where I live
Welcome! I'll give you credit for entering the e bike world with your own build. I see you're starter bike has a front wheel motor, do you know the specs on the motor as that will determine the battery and controller you need?