Noisy bearings? Bosch motor on Scott ebike


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Jul 15, 2022
My Scott e bike with Bosch motor makes a noise when pedalling , it’s not the plastic chainguard , any ideas?
Hi there and welcome to the forum! Can you provide everyone with some more details?
  • What model is the Scott ebike?
  • What model is the Bosch motor?
  • How old is the ebike?
A certain amount of noise is pretty normal for the Bosch motors when under load. I did find a reply someone got from Bosch regarding motor noise:

The clacking and rattling noise is known and has no impact on performance, functionality and reliability.

Here is an official statement from Bosch regarding this noise:
"When riding an eBike/eMTB on rough and technical terrain downhill, vibrations of the chain/chainring often occur. Those vibrations can be transferred to the frame, the drive unit and to the inner gear wheel (inside the drive unit). In some cases when freewheeling, a metallic sound can be generated when the inner gear wheel is not under load. How much vibration and sound is transferred depends on the type of bike (for example hardtail vs full suspension and aluminum vs carbon).

The current Performance Line CX is designed with high power density and thermal stability as well as a highly efficient gearing mechanism and incredibly smooth-running gears. Paired with reduced weight, lower wall thickness and improved heat release it is easier for mechanical noises to be omitted. Therefore the noise may sound a little more prominent when compared with other drives. This noise does not have any influence on the performance, functionality or reliability of the motor. Usually an eMTB also makes several other noises as it navigates these technical sections of trail (tyres gripping/skidding, chain slapping etc) and thus any noises from the motor are drowned out.

On further request: We would also like to note that we continuously develop our products. This includes looking at whether this specific noise can be reduced in the current Performance Line CX."

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