newby on the block - Recon ebike reviews?


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Aug 20, 2021
Have looked at hundreds of ebikes and was interested in the RECON brand does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this outfit?
Hey thanks that's an impressive bike , the video was awesome to watch, that guy put it thru its paces for sure, very helpful
I've had mine for 19 days now and put 270 hard miles on it and have had no problems at all.
Hey HIMI-Rick check this out , we purchased two Hemiways step-throughs and the day they arrived i went into the hospital for 5 days with covid. I knew sooner or later Id get it being i work in an er but their still in the crates awaiting for me to convalescence and I'm getting stronger every day wont be long, looking for a good bike carrier for the two to haul behind RV, have any suggestions
Over 500 miles now in about 6 weeks and no problems. I hope your feelin better soon and able to get out there and enjoy your bike.
A quick search on this site for racks I found this.......
From this thread......