Newbie with tidal force


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Jul 3, 2018
Hello to the forum. Retired md, active cyclist. Good friend was promoted to glory and I was given tidal force bike he used. I played with it last summer and all was fine. I checked for instruction, and manuals but family could not find any and were surprised that firm was busted.

The lights on the computer seem correct, and seems like battery is charged by the light scale. It goes thru the cycling of switch, and turbo but the throttle does not produce any evidence of power. I know of mention of fuse in front hub, that I have not checked as the lights all on. Does anyone know where I can obtain a "shop type manual" or any info to trouble shoot it? Thanks for reading and in advance I thank you for any help you can offer. Have grand daughter getting over oncology and she is coming on visit and had a lot of fun with it last summer so I would like to get it going again
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