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May 4, 2021
So I'm clueless about all this stuff. I have a fat tire 5 speed beach cruiser I want to put a e motor on. Could you advise me whats a good set up? I'm 58 6ft 265lbs. Looking for longevity, long lasting battery, and fairly fast, any ideas?
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Do not buy a vtuvia. Mine leaves me stranded every time I ride.
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same i rode 20 miles than my Vtuvia sn-100 motor stoped working well the ride back was a crazy workout and bike hasn’t worked since its a real heavy paper weight now.
Retrofitting bicycles with eBikes is fairly involved. It's more than just: "Tell me how to do this".

I would start with a Google search, followed by a Google search of this site.
You can spend almost as much money as you want on a conversion kit. Some of these kits are more spendy than a decent low-cost e-bike.

The simplest kits are the front hubs, with Switch being perhaps the simplest to install.

Probably the most difficult to install are the mid-drives, but people who have them seem to really like them.

You'll need to determine for yourself how much tinkering you are willing and able to do.

One more thing... Make sure the bike is of sufficient quality to make it worth the investment. Brakes need to be in good shape.