New Trek Verve+ 3 - Question about ...battery


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10:20 PM
Apr 27, 2024

I've just bought a new e-bike Trek Verve+ 3. The seller tell me I have to use the battery to zero, three times, and charge it to 100%.
I've always heard that batteries should never go to zero before recharging. What's more, he advises me to store the bike with a full battery if I'm not using it and to recharge the battery to 100% every month, even if I'm not using the bike. I've always heard that batteries should be stored with a charge of between 30 and 60%. I don't know who to believe any more.
Can you help?
Was this a Trek dealer? Unless Trek has some new fangled battery that sounds like it came from a cell phone from the 1990's you should ignore those sellers instructions and go with what you had already learned. I store my batteries at 80% in the winter and just check them occasionally to make sure they haven't done anything strange and you are right, you do not want your battery going to zero.