New to the forum - researching ebikes to buy


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Jul 21, 2022
Just joined this forum. My wife and I are researching and will buy ebikes in the near future. We have two main "purposes" in mind. First and foremost is that when we retire (in 2024) we want comfortable ebikes to ride the many longer bike trails around the USA and Canada. We are members of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy ( and we are familiarizing ourselves with all the trail options. We already are planning the 242 mile long Katy Trail across the state of Missouri. Both of us are in decent shape and 40 mile rides on regular bikes are within our range. We think that with a comfortable ebike, this range might increase to 55-65 miles. However, we also want the functionality of running errands around town to save gas by not driving our SUV. Thus we would like a rack on the back for that purpose.

What bikes do you recommend for us? We are okay with up to $2,500 each if the bikes meet these criteria.

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Is this an ebike conversation kit?
Do some research on BaFang BBSHD, then read everything about lithium batteries on It's much easier to find the perfect bicycle for how you want to ride and convert it into an ebike than it is to find a comparable production ebike, and you will end up with a better ebike than you can buy.


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Jun 9, 2022
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55-65 miles at a go is tricky, because you need to add weight to go electric, and if you lose power, that weight is a real detriment.

I think you’ll probably want something mid drive for the efficiency, and not too fast or heavy, then use electric power sparingly by keeping the speeds low.

Maybe plan on a couple spare battery packs or a foldable solar panel recharging rig.