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Jun 24, 2022
Used to ride large motorcycles 4 years ago, Harley Electra Glide Ultra 900 lbs. Just ordered a Heybike Mars from Amazon earlier today. Looking forward to checking it out. I am 6'1" 340 lbs., I need to exercise and lose some weight..!! I hope it will hold my weight and not set the motor on fire...haha. Fingers are crossed...
Not many ebikes can support 340 lb. rider.
Solid ride may need to have a budget close to a new motorcycle.

Losing weight is different for everybody, but I do find myself losing weight much quicker if I walk at brisk pace daily; shed off weight much quicker than cycling.
Afternoon all new too ebikes I've recently purchased a haibike alltrail 4 in small I'm wanting too fit a dropper posts has any 1 done the same ?
Welcome to our little corner of the internet!

As for your weight, heybike's specs say you need to lose 10 lbs., THEN it can handle you:

I bought a heybike Ranger a little bit ago. You may want to go read the review thread on it in the folding and compact bikes subforum here. I had some minor issues that you may have too, as our bikes are brother models.

Do your brakes and pedals squeak?

If you haven't put it together yet, do yourself a favor and put the bike upside down on something soft to mount the front wheel; it's a LOT easier than trying to do it with the bike upright.

Use blue thread-locker for the pedal threads, and make sure you clean the oil off them with rubbing alcohol first.

As for weight loss, it will help as long as you pedal too, as hard as you dare to. However, diet is more important, since exercise burns calories and makes you hungier. Eat the wrong stuff and you'll get nowhere. My problem is portion control. (most of Americans too, I think)