New to ebike commuting. Have some questions.


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11:04 PM
Nov 28, 2021
I'm starting a new job this week and plan to ebike commute full time. I've ordered a Diamondback Union 1.

Looking for advice on dealing with rain. What do you wear? Do you park your bike in the rain? Should I buy a cover?

Does riding with one pannier present a balance issue? I need to transport a laptop and probably some clothes.

Your commitment to commuting by e-bike is admirable. You didn't mention where you live.
Rainwear is personal preference. Some guys can get by with a poncho, or shell jacket. Others need a good raincoat.
E-bike commuters usually have to park in the bicycle rack. I am lucky that my company bike rack is in the parking garage.
I would use a water resistant cover if your bike route is out in the weather.
An e-bike is heavy enough that using one pannier will not cause balance problems. Good luck.
I have a bike with a large pannier on one side thats loaded up. When parked you can feel the difference but when you ride, it makes zero difference.