New to E-bikes - Bafang BBS02 750w


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May 13, 2021
Installed a Bafang BBS02 750w mid drive kit on my Bacchetta,DPC_18LCD display, 48v 20.3Ah Whale Shark battery. With display set 0-9 setting # 2 and riding at 17 to 18 mph the power meter on the display never moves no matter how hard I mash the pedals. And after 40 miles range reads something like 350 miles. Voltage has dropped about .6 volts. With the setting on #4 riding at the same speed the power meter never show anything motor pulls when going around a corner at a slower speed. After 40 miles or so the voltages has drooped very little. Today when I rode I set the display on 6 and the power meter started moving. It appears that the setting 0-9 works on speed. I could fell the motor pulling up to speeds of 22 or 23 mph Mainly when I was in the highest gear. Is this correct the controller works on speed per setting number? Works great just trying to figure out how it all works. Thanks tell me what you think..
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