New Thule EasyFold XT e-bike hitch rack

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Look at the Saris Superclamp EX also for ebike-capable rack, and only $470, less at Amazon.

Saris Superclamp Bike Hitch Car Rack Mount 2-4 Bikes.jpg

Catfish ...
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The 1up is e-bike capable as well. The Levo fits just fine, and is within it's weight limits.
Which company lol. It's a shame the mess they created. Such great racks. I have 4 of them myself.
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There is problem with a pickup.... lifting the heavy bike in and out of the bed is no small feat. Proper form is essential. :)
Another option is to use a motorcycle hitch rack (a whole lot cheaper than the Thule rack!). Only downer is that you need to use straps to secure the bike, but it isn't that much effort. Here's the one I use - with my KTM dirt bike, KTM e-Bike, Santa Cruz MTB, and my cyclocross bike - works for all them.

There are lots of 2 bike versions as well.
That's a pretty cool rack. Looks like it would accommodate fat tires pretty easily.
Yup. I haul my Borealis with 4" or 5" tires with no problems. Tire nestles nicely in that front wheel cradle.
I have that Thule rack in the original post. Got it for $550, since I had bought a bike off the dealer before. The main advantage of the easyfold is it's lighter than most racks and it folds up into suitcase size, for easier storage.

Price is basically for the lightweight and storage form factor. If neither of those are important, there are cheaper and probably easier to use options. It's kind of funky using those claw grips. (also the ramp is so useless the store didn't even give it to me haha. It's basically more of a liability than help)
I have two Levos (102lbs) on the Yakima 2up. 90-100mph no problem. LOL. Folds up nicely when not in use.