New member,

Glad to see you found us. The Engwe Engine Pro will have you moving along at the best (UK allowed) rate.
I have to remind myself that many of the small towns in the UK have rather low speed limits posted.
Thanks, I am on my 3rd Engwe now since 2020.
None of my previous ones nor the present one gone wrong yet!

I firstly had a EP-2 mk1, done some upgrades, but then decided I wanted a Engine Pro.

I bought a Mk1 kinda like new 2nd hand, but I couldn't get on well with it, over a few months, I found the battery drained down a bit and there seemed like there was more regeneration drag, I heard the newer ones the regen drag wasn't as bad, so I sold that then bought a upgraded Engine Pro, bigger battery, frame seems to be a bit more robust. I have a done a host of upgrades, including BMX folding handlebars, 58T crank, new rear cassette (11-34T got the bigger climbing gear), EXA A5 shock & slicker tyres.