New Light and Horn Accessory KIT for XP 2.0 ST


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Jul 24, 2022
In an effort to help improve rider safety and to help prevent collisions between bikes, I designed an accessory Light and Horn KIT specifically for the Lectric XP 2.0 Step-Thru. At the present time it does NOT work on other E-Bike models. It adds the following features: Safety flashing tail light that is activated whenever the display is turned ON, a BRAKE LIGHT that is activated by the brake levers, rear turn signals to let riders behind you know you are about to make a turn, dual volume Horn (LOW level is used when approaching pedestrians or other bikes to let them know you are approaching, while the HIGH level is used to get auto’s, pedestrian’s or other rider’s attention in the immediate area), and also adds a single USB charging port that can be used to charge your cell phone. Unlike most other ADD ON accessories, this unit is powered from the E-Bike’s battery so you don’t have to worry about charging a separate battery. The KIT requires installation but no soldering is required. Look over the installation manual for complete details.

I developed this product for my own XP 2.0 ST E-Bikes. It has worked out so well that I have decided to test market the product. I have built four KITS as a marketing test. They are boxed and ready to ship. If successful, I plan to establish a new company to produce them. Once in full production, I estimate that the selling price will be $79.99. During my marketing test I am selling the KIT for $50.00 plus shipping and applicable sales tax (within CA). Payment must be made via Paypal. You can view a short DEMO Video, Operation Manual, Installation Manual, and Warranty at the following link: . If you have any questions, or wish to order, please contact me at .

Thank you.

Mark Crawford