New kickstand - Magicycle Deer


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5:56 PM
Apr 21, 2024
This is the first problem I have had with my Magicycle Deer that I can attribute to the bike.
The kickstand on the bike got floppy and would no longer support the bike.
The problem turned out to be that the kickstand was bolted to an aluminum flange welded to the swingarm.
Somehow the flange had bent, I suspect because the bolts holding the kickstand on had loosened, creating a fulcrum with enough leverage to bend the metal.
Aluminum being what it is after bending once loses its strength and bends easier.
Replacing the swingarm seemed like too much work with a lot of risk for creating new damage, and getting a new flange welded on would be stupid expensive.
I opted to just get an aftermarket clamp on kickstand. With some digging I found a nice one with multiple attachment points that seemed like it would be rigid enough to hold this whale of a bike.
So far I am quite happy with it.
Now I need to identify some lightweight blinkenlight or something to put on the ugly flange. Does anyone make something like a noe sided laser lane marker I could hang there?

I’d cut it off with my grinder wheel.

Incidentally, I bought a very similar kickstand but have not installed it yet.
Bummer, what was the breaking point? Was the height on it adjustable? Maybe, it had too much leaning weight on it?