New-ish rider, brand new builder.


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Mar 25, 2023
Hi, Im Emily
I bought a cheap ecotric fat tire last year for $500 and LOVED riding it. I was riding to work one day and some idiot business decided to put cones way out in the bike lane to accommodate their outdoor seating and I hit one and crashed. The sprocket's been bent ever since and I haven't been able to get it right yet.
Now I'm working on converting a trike to an etrike for my 78-year old father. I think I have everything I need for it except for a larger diameter PAS system (the one that came with the kit was too small for the trike). Its a 48v 1000w system so it should go along pretty well.
I'll probably have a bunch of questions, so hopefully I'll find help here! :)
Emily; Please, when your done with the build, have it checked by an expert before putting ole Dad on it. Trikes are inherently dangerous; putting a motor on them makes them doubly, no three times so.