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Jun 21, 2018
My first electric bike was a Chinese single speed lead acid powered Star Moon which was very heavy with a very short range of about 20 miles. My second bike was a Yamaha XPC 26 four speed which I have used for about four years which has a range of about 30 miles this is often used pulling a trailer carrying up to 120 pounds of shopping powered by Nicads. Being a pedelec this has always been an easy ride up to one in six hills.I have recently acquired a second hand BromptonNano which I am able to take on the Tram.Bus or Train. It has a range of almost fifty miles on a LIPo battery and weighs about 14 kilos. ad is able to climb a 1 in 6 with ease, even a 1in 4 if not too long. Ideal if you are physically handicapped. 50 cycles are now selling the Kalkhof Aguttu for for £1,195 which is cheaper than the Gazelle and has a good specification.