New guy in Wildwood Lake Tennessee


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7:45 AM
Mar 8, 2023
New member still attending YouTube University of ebiking! Gonna buy a couple bikes for me and the wife but haven't settled on anything yet. Looking forward to learning here.
Thanks, looking at the mid-drive Lectric XPremium. Any opinion of them?
Don't know about the XP premium but I can tell you that my experience with the Lectric XP 2.0 has been great. Well made....great price.....comes fully assembled......I added air to tires and went for ride. Had to make a minor brake adjustment. Customer support was good when I contacted them. Got the bike last year.....ride for exercise and far so good. Good luck in your search.
Welcome, from SE Wisconsin!

Thanks, looking at the mid-drive Lectric XPremium. Any opinion of them?

I have no specific experience with that model, but I do have the Lectric XP Lite. Good quality build and parts; I'd buy an XPremium based on that experience, if your use case matches what it's designed for.

However, you should be aware of the weight of XPremiums. Don't let the fact that they fold blind you to the fact that they're heavy. (75 lbs.) They're also big, with those fat tires, and at 20 psi, they don't roll efficiently above 10 mph.

If a lot of your planned riding won't be offroad, I'd probably look for something more efficient.

I had a bike similar in style and weight by another company. (heybike Ranger) It was a good bike, but not to pedal manually, except on flat ground and < 10 mph. I wound up selling it at a loss and buying an Aventon Level.2 to replace it. I kept the XP Lite, because it's actually light & compact enough to put it in a big Rubbermaid tote and take it along with me.
My XP 2.0 has 3 inch tires.....I ride mostly paved rolls and rides quite problem getting up to 20+ mph.........I am old so I ride in the 10 to 15 mph range most of the time......enjoy the views is my motto!
Got one of my XPremiums Saturday and the other one is coming today. Got the white one charged up and waiting for my black one. 24 degrees out this morning! I suppose I shouldn't leave the batteries out in the cold garage in this weather! We drove out to Cades Cove in the Smoky Mtn National park yesterday to preview the 11 mile loop. They close the loop to vehicle traffic on Wednesday mornings and only allow hikers and bicycles. Looking forward to it!