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For those that like the green but need the blue lol
The bottom of the page it says Blue Style or Green Style

Click the one that is better for your eyes ;)

A man walks into the doctor's office with green beans hanging out of his nose and green peas stuck in each ear . . .​

He says, Doc, I've been losing weight. What do you think could be wrong with me?

The doc leans back, looks at him, scratches his chin for a minute, and says, "I don't think you're eating right."
Anton, one request for the new dark theme: When composing a message, the mouse cursor is invisible. (not the text cursor) Can you make that a lighter color, please, so it contrasts with the olive green?
Hi Smaug, I'm pretty sure the cursor color can be changed in your operating system. We don't force any cursor colors from our side.
Here's a sample of high contrast color options,
note the different color between read (white) & non-read (orange) threads:


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