New Engine-Lab E450ST


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Apr 11, 2022
I’m new to e-biking, but not new to cycling. For years, I was a long distance road cyclist. I pedaled anywhere between 3500-4000 miles per year. I made a transition to a hybrid bike that was heavier and I sat more upright 5 or 6 years ago, but found I didn’t enjoy it too much. I haven’t ridden in 4+ years now, and am not in the same physical condition I was in when I was cycling long distance, so I decided to try an e-bike.

I’m wondering if anyone has an engine-lab e-bike, and what you think of them? Mine is put together, but arrived with the front wheel damaged, and the new wheel will be here tomorrow. I like the idea that it has a belt drive and I don’t have to worry keeping the chain cleaned. What concerns me is no gears, although it has different power levels. It says it can go 20 mph. I’m not concerned about there being no suspension for the front forks, as none of my road bikes had them.
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