New Ebiker - Diamondback Edgewood Conversion

Paul Sgrillo

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6:42 AM
Apr 10, 2021
Hi everyone. Recently converted my Diamondback Edgewood bike. I have put about 50 miles on it so far and find it really a nice experience.
I am 73 yrs old and began to find riding up hills to be detrimental to my biking enjoyment. I wanted something to take the edge off hill climbs and
the conversion is just the ticket.
Happy biking to all.
Welcome to the forum @Paul Sgrillo , that looks like a nice and light weight bike you have converted there. Same question as @Frogslayer, also do you have any pictures of your conversion?

Here's a picture of the 2016 Diamondback Edgewood.

Paul, I have a 2018 Diamondback Edgewood. I'm thinking of converting also. Can you tell me what kit you used on yours? I'm 65 and recoveriing from a knee injury. I'd like to convert this bike that fits me well instead of buying a new e bike.