New e-bike owner with battery question


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Feb 22, 2021
I have a new Pedego Boomerang with a 48v 15ah battery. The chart in the owner manual states at full charge the battery voltage is 58.8 volts. Why is a 48v battery at 58.8 v at full charge? Thanks for any and all advice.
Hi and welcome to the forum!

Good question, so ebike batteries are rated with a nominal voltage.

So your battery is made up of individual cells which each charge up to a maximum of 4.2V.

So a 48V battery with 13 cells should only charge to 4.2V x 13 = 54.6V

For reference a 52V battery has 14 cells and will charge up to 4.2V x 14 = 58.8V

In saying all that, lithium batteries tolerate an overcharge and so it's quite possible your 48V battery is charging up to 58.8V. However, this is only a surface charge and you'll notice it will quickly drop a couple of volts by the time you reach the end of your driveway.

If it doesn't drop down in voltage a couple of volts very quickly, then you might actually have a 52V battery instead.
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My 48v 1500w 30ah battery charges to 59v when fully charged, but i rarely charge to over 54-55v.

Batteries seem to be a little fickle and have a mind of their own :D

Ride Safe Everyone! :cool: