New Dog Trailer for my ebike!


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10:43 PM
Oct 11, 2023
Well just bought me a Dog Trailer for my midsize Shepadore. What's a Shepadore you say? It's a German Shepherd and Labrador mix. Now I can ride my ebike with 2 48volt 30ah batteries thru the mountain areas with Bruno ( my dog ) and me to the BLM Wildlife area with a lake so both of us can go swimming in the lake. It's 20 mins by car so it will take approx 30 to 40 mins at 20-25mph. Now the good thing is I can goto WallyWorld and use the dog trailer to get groceries! How cool is that? lol

I should get it by next weekend so we can go swimming at the lake. NOTE!: It even has breaks lol. When I get it together and hooked up with the bike with Bruno in it I'll send some pics!

Here is the the dog trailer I bought!! This is the 100lbs max version. Bruno weighs 75lbs.

Ok just got my dog carrier for my 75lb German Shepard Lab mix. I was a no brainer to put together. Took about 20 mins. The adapter fit perfect on the real axel bolt. Took Bruno for his first ride. He go in no problems, but it took him about 15mins, into the ride to get used to it. He was winning alittle bit but started to get use to it.. I'm sure it will take a few times for him to really get used to it. I think the dog trailer is awesome!!

Here is a couple of pics: