New bike from Recycle


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9:55 AM
Jun 21, 2018
I found a briliant organisation here in Swansea. Recycle, they're called, a Government supported outfit which takes in any old bike, repairs them and then sells them cheap to the public. The two guys there when I called were blown away by my electric conversion attempt and spent some time riding up and down the street. Cool Man! was their verdict.

I was invited to look through the stock and decided upon a Giant alloy-framed mountain bike which needed a new chain and a bit of tidying up... for £20! They willingly accepted the 3 old bikes which I was about to scrap. In fact, their only complaint was that they needed more donations of old bikes. What a great idea. Cheap cycling for all. There is a large student population in the area and they sold two bikes to scholars whilst I was there.

They also offered, free of charge, their workshop, tools and advice for me to use. My next task is to try to get them interested in electric bike conversions. I think a facility like that would be a boon to our fraternity.
Wow, sounds a great bargain. Giant do some good bikes, and they have even made some good e-bikes. Between this and their expertise, you're onto a good thing IMO.