New BBSHD chainring - what size to get?


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12:06 AM
May 2, 2020
Hi ebikers! I've hit the two hundred mile mark on my BBSHD mountain bike build. Loving every minute of it! I'm using the standard BBSHD chainring and but it drops occasionally even so my chain line is really straight. I have been looking at the Lekkie Bling Ring and can not decide between the 42t and 46t:

I have an 8 speed mountain bike. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thankyou for your time!
I would choose 42T, if you want to go off road riding the 30T would be even better! It's hard to over rev these motors but much easier to bog them down. Or maybe get both. You may end up building a second ebike in the future or a thrid. It's handy to have a bunch of parts which you can swap between and test out new combinations...