New BAC855


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5:26 PM
Jun 30, 2021
I have just put together my BAC855 paired with a new 52 volt 21AH battery, and my Bafang BBSHD, but due to blizzard conditions, have not had the chance to ride it yet. Looking forward to new dimensions and performance. Share your results with me, and let me know what I'm in store for. Come on spring!!
I look forward to hearing how you build works out. I imagine it will be very powerful and fast.

What are you using for gearing a geared hub or derailleur? Some of the info I have read says that gearing the bike so the motor spins faster will give over all better performance.
Still waiting for a custom mount to clean up the install.


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Here's an update on my V10. I have put close to 800 kms on it since completion, and have had no issues. The BAC855 has done wonders for this motor, making power delivery much smoother, with less driveline "snatch" when applying throttle at higher assist levels, and the PAS is much improved also. With the 21 AH battery, range increased, although I have not done an all out mileage run, as it is too much fun just enjoying the 3000 watts! Yes I have improved the battery containment since this picture. If you are thinking of upgrading the controller, I highly recommend going with the BAC 855. Probably the industry leader right now, and is Canadian made!