New Aventon Level Issue


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8:15 PM
Jun 16, 2020
Just received my son’s new Level this afternoon. Some minor issues that are correctable (including a bent spoke). However, when peddling, there’s a loud squeal coming from the cassette. Also squeals when peddling “backward”. NO squeal when rear wheel is free wheeling. Aventon is maxed out and not answering their phone. Any suggestions?
Did you have shipping damage? I just received a new Level today and the chain was completely off the crank gear (front). I also needed to adjust the Shimano derailer, which was my major issue during assembly.
Considering how mangled the box was (UPS), the only real damage was a bent spoke on the front wheel. Looked like the left crank arm was Intertwined with the spokes and bent it. Did you manage to get everything put together?
Yes, it was a bit more work than I expected. The video is good, but there are some small differences with my Level bike.
I noticed that mine has an issue where the chain rubs on the cassette in the lowest gear. It only makes a small wisp sound, but could that be your issue?
Could someone send me a picture of the charger for an adventure ebike, I need the charger specs