Need user's manual for addmotor m560 p7



Does anyone know where I can get one or can anyone please send pictures of what the settings are for and should be my throttle doesn't work and wondering if I have the settings all screwed up in the display screen or if there is actually a issue with the throttle it self
Did you figure out your throttle problem @Derek?

@CloneWerks very kindly uploaded the Addmotor M360 P7 manual here:

I know the M360 P7 is a different bike, but have a look at the section about "How to use the LCD Display". It might be similar to the M560 P7 trike.

I did end up finding the download for the manual online I thought it was just some kind of setting in the screen setup that I overlooked that's why I was in search for the manual but in the end I had to replace the whole throttle assembly