Need troubleshooting help for my Mac motor 10 T with Controller type 6 fet 25 amp 36v-52v IRFB3077


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2:08 PM
Oct 31, 2021
While riding power will all of a sudden cut off for no apparent reason. I have found if I turn power switch of and on again then very slowly engage the thumb throttle power may come on again but no gaurentee. It seems the place Em3ev where I bought the kit no long selling Mac motors. Any advice on how to trouble shoot and if I can get a thumb throttle from another source that would work with my kit. Thanks in advance .
Check thoroughly your battery and power levels, symptoms indicate you have reached the LVC in the controller.

Paul did in fact stop handling Mac motors some time ago, he only sells batteries now.

Throttles are pretty much interchangeable, the connector itself needs to match your controller, though it is possible to re-wire for that.