Need opinions on front motor for Baha trike


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12:18 AM
Jun 30, 2022
Looking to convert my wife's fat tire Sun Baha trike to front wheel direct drive. Looking at the Leeds and the e-trike kits. Would like to know which or these two, or another, you all would recommend and why. Thanks.
Sorry, but without any additional information, such as weight of trike and rider, hills and environment in which you will be riding, distances you want to cover, and so on and so forth, no reasonably intelligent recommendation can be given. Might as well flip a coin, at this point. One question would be of the two kits you are looking at, why those two of the dozens available?
Thanks for your reply. More info: Trike weight is 68 lbs. Rider 160 lbs. Riding on mowed paths over hilly grassy pastures, some hills are fairly steep. Up to 5 miles or 1/2 hour per ride. Leeds and e-trike are just two I came across that looked they would work. Also looking at Bafang, AW, Ebikling, EBO. I'm totally new to this so am looking for advice from those who've had experience with these kits.