Need help with Key-Disp KD26e display on how to reset to factory default


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Sep 21, 2022

l have somehow messed with parameter settings...
The bike was doing great until l unfortunately tried to lift the speed limit on the meter by pressing the ''+''''-'' button at the same time as stated in the manual user...But something went wrong.

l probably have... without my knowledge...modify system parameters and caused parameters disorder.
Now the result is a discrepancy on the battery indicator...The meter seems to think that l have only one bar of charge on a full battery...

Then now a full battery indicate 1 bar instead of 5 and the efficiency of the bike is greatly affected as the power go down on each hill with the first bar blinking (the meter falsely think the battery goes dry...)

Is there a way to reset to factory default the system parameters...See the pic, the battery is full...

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide to me...


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Ben... I have the same controller with other issues. Can you tell me how you fared with your issue please?
Here are the default settings for the KD26e display as posted by @BENSON9872 :
P01: 1-3 (screen brightness)
P02: 1 (Kmph/Mph)
P03: 48 (voltage)
P04: 10
P05: 1
P06: 22.0 inch (tire height)
P07: 1
P08: 32 - 100 (max speed)
P09: 0
P10: 2
P11: 3 (pedal assist sensitivity)
P12: 1 (pedal assist intensity)
P13: 12
P14: 18
P15: 40V (low voltage cutoff)
P16: (mile odometer reset, hold up arrow for 5 seconds)
P17: 0
P18: 100%
P19: 0
P20: 0
P21: 1
Original post:
Have the exact same issue. Have a 36v setup but the display now thinks it is 48v and cuts off power. Can someone help?
Can you change the P03 setting in the controller to 36, rather than the default of 48?