Need help with display harness to motherboard wiring - M5 display on Aventon Pace 500


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Dec 15, 2022
The M5 display screen on my Aventon Pace 500 1st Gen smacked into a brick wall yesterday which made the screen come loose from the bracket housing and four of the nine colored wires inside come loose from their solder position need to know order in which nine colored wires should be attached so I can resolder them
Well we can eliminate 2 wires already.

D- = Black
D+ = Red

I'd buy another display and mess with the last 2 wires on this one ya gots there...
That's some bad luck sorry to hear that.

I reckon @HumanPerson is right about D- and D+. It's a bit of a gamble on the other wires though.

It's a long shot but maybe it's worth sending an email to Aventon support?

Just be aware, they don't offer the best support according to other forum members experiences:

Another option is to contact this ebay seller who sells the M5 display circuit boards. They might be able to tell you the wire colors:

Good luck, I hope you can get it fixed!
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