Need advice!! Budget 2000 euro MAX


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Oct 12, 2021
Saw a free YouTube videos that said delfast was huge best bike..
50mph 200 miles to a charge. Carbon fibre rust proof..
But 6500 euro !!!

Rust proof would be good.. Maybe aluminum.
Speed isn't too important as long as it can handle hills.
Battery capacity and removable battery are essential as I use for work.

I'm a 5'5 woman..
I'm in Germany. Are there any rules regarding speed or maybe no off-road bikes on road idk?

I was hoping for quality at 2000 or less

50 mph ? (do you mean kph / kmh ) ?

Sounds more like a electric motorbike, as does the price
I have a Carbo Model X, it's carbon fiber as well and of great quality, very durable and I believe it was at around 2,500$ or something.

The bike is super fun to ride and very durable, components are of high quality, it includes a torque sensor as well and a belt drive. The only downside is their delivery and response time, other than that my experience has been more than great.