MZZKBIKE Falcon 2 Pro - Any insight on this bike?


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11:54 AM
Mar 4, 2023
The bike in question

Hello there, friends!

I currently ride a 40lb fatty to tow my 30lb trailer of tools out to do trail maintenance and building on some local trails. I've always kept my eye out for a cheap Chinese ebike to make it a bit easier to get back and forth from the truck and work area.

To clarify my needs, I don't need to go faster than 10 miles an hour or so and I don't need a moped or scooter. The loop wouldn't be any more than 20 miles at it's longest and I'm happy to pedal the bike, it would just be nice to have help sometimes, especially after working for the day.

Does anyone have any experience with this bike in particular? I found it while browsing Woot's ebike deals today and after some research, people seem to be happy with what you get for the money.

Any insight on the model in question would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!