My Rize is not Prize


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This was my wife’s prize for being a good husband for 30 years.
The Bolt X was delivered on time. That is the only positive part of the whole experience. In spite of several messages to FEDEX urging them to text me 30 minutes before delivery suddenly I see these two guy depositing the box VERTICALLY in the middle of my patio on a rainy day and without ringing the bell first.
The box had two major holes and all the metal clips were undone being kept close by two frayed straps.
The bike was well packed except they left the right brake lever completely exposed rubbing against the main frame and leaving about one square inch of paint scratched to the metal. This bike is huge and incredibly heavy and there is no way that I can fold it and put it in my car as I intended to.
After charging the battery and a 15 miles test ride I have the following comments to make:

  • the frame welding is appalling with lumps and blobs all over surely done by an apprentice welder with shaky hands.
  • the seat is a primitive slab of hard rubber with no tilt adjustment ( I found out later that the two parts providing the tilt were painted over and stuck together)
  • The motor cannot be switched off with the battery key
  • The derailleur arrived completely unadjusted, if I back pedaled in first gear the chain would jump to fourth gear
  • The derailleur body is not protected by a U cage as is customary in all folding bikes.
  • The brakes squeak all the time no matter how one cleans the rotors, evidently due to cheap pads but stop the bike quickly.
  • The Bafang motor and transmission are so noisy to make it impossible to listen to music with your headset when riding.
  • The start with full assist (no pedals) is so violent to cause the bike to do a “wheelie” very dangerous when near cars at traffic lights.
  • The pedals folding part is very stiff and impossible to fold with one hand.
  • The battery after 15 miles is down to 65%
  • The display in black and grey is small and basic using cryptic symbols and no option to change power to each PAS step.
  • No rear suspension. The front fork is not air or hydraulic, just a spring in a tube with no rebound check and little dump control.
  • The seat post is 30.6 mm and the frame tube 30.9. The locking bracket has to be closed with great force, the seat dropped down to the bottom several times while riding. Very dangerous.
  • The wheels, spokes and tires look good
  • The front and back lights are good
  • The handlebars and frame folding mechanism are strong and well made
  • I miss a rear suspension and found necessary to spend an extra $150 to purchase a seat suspension kit.
  • I supplied Rize photos to substantiate my criticisms
  • The company after I sent a few negative comments and asking for support have decided to “cancel”me by ignoring my mails and phone calls. I chose to buy from a Canadian company thinking I would deal with professional people, I should have stayed with the Chinese.
This bike with added tax cost $2251, one could buy TWO better folding bikes with that money


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The welds that you have shown actually look pretty good. And yes, I am a welder.
Can you show some pictures of the complete ebike?
The only complaint you have is potentially the motor noise. Hard to believe it’s that loud that you can’t listen to headphones. All the rest of your issues seem to be an attempt to blame the company for your own lack of knowledge, experience and research. You are obviously trying to flame them. Also delivery is done by FedEx or Purolator. What does that have to do with the bike? Have seen your flaming now on multiple sights. Pretty unbalanced and unfair critique.