My new Specialized 2020 Como 4.0


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May 8, 2020
Picked up my specialized 2020 como 4.0 today. Rode it for 10 miles, have not ridden in 5 years. I’m really happy loving it. I have some health issues that’s why I can’t have long rides that’s why I stop riding. I really enjoyed my first ride today. I’ll just take it slowly. msrp is $3,350 but with he specialized spring sale it went down to around $ 2,370 + tax.


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Nice bike, where did you get the bag on the back, that’s looks cool? Specialized makes excellent bikes! I have a Vado and love it.
The bag is Racktime Odin :)

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Hi Poppy, I just purchased the 2021 model of this. Also love the bike, but am experiencing an elusive vibrating/rattling noise in the front end. Very difficult to pinpoint its origin. Not the fender. Just wondering, have you experienced any type of rattle/vibration sound in the front end when going over rough patch/bumps in the road?
Congratulations. It's a sharp-looking bike. I particularly like Specialized's fender designs. The fronts always go down low enough to protect the pant cuffs; no one else seems to do this!

The shock seatpost adds a lot of comfort, too.

I bet this bike will help you get your fitness up and you'll be riding longer between stints in no time flat.

If it's your butt keeping you from riding longer, there are a lot of aftermarket saddle options that can help with this.