My M2S Carbon fiber mid drive ebike review...


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May 5, 2020
Put 6000 miles my first yearr.....its a m2s Carbon fiber mid drive motor....only 38 lbs.....not 65 to 75 lbs like the usual ebikes out there.

It's an electric bike that feels like a regular bike..... you just feel like Superman when you're riding it.... so you ride longer with more enjoyment and you end up losing weight while you like it or not.

Mid-drive motor is different than when the motor is on the back wheel that's called rear hub..... you get a different ceiling riding a carbon fiber bike compared to a 70 lb regular electric bike..... 95% up to 6000 miles I've put on the bike so far I never keep my hands on the handle boss it's just so comfortable and easy to stand upright and not lean over.... makes you feel like you're 17 Again not 61

m2s carbon fibre ebike.jpg

m2s carbon fibre ebike1.jpg
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Nice ride but that can't be cheap.... I just looked it up...surprisingly not that bad at USD$2700