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Nov 5, 2018
Hello everybody,

My name is Jake, and i'm been into Electric Bikes since last year. I remember my love started for bicycles in general, when I first got my first bicycle, it was just a regular bicycle without any fancy stuff on it. I even didn't have working brakes on this bicycle, that's how bad and old it was. After few years, my family gifted me a new bicycle, one that I still remember to these days. It was my very first gift from my family, because they usually just made a small party and not big gifts or presents were given on such occasions. So a bicycle was a big surprise for me. Growing up, I was using my bike for almost any place I could. I almost never used public transportation. When I finally could afford an electric bike, I finally did it and purchased one, with the help of some retailers in my area that are known to be the top and most known brands for electric bikes and I was shocked when I first driven my electric bike for the first time. It was much better than riding a regular bicycle, like 10x times better. If before I came home tired of cycling all days, driving to and from work home, now I still have energy and power to do more stuff that I couldn't do before. I have even saved lots of money. The electric bike seem to be much more useful than anything I've used so far.
In short story, I would like to create and order an even bigger or more expensive electric bike in the near future, from a retailer in Europe, my budget is very flexible, willing to invest to get a quality one. Because it's really hard to find high quality electric bikes in my country. Therefore, if anybody have a good recommendations please send me via Inbox it will be much appreciated!

I would like to show you guys my current electric bike, it's not the best, but at least gets the job done and helps me navigate quickly and easily to anywhere I need to go :)

Looking forward to be active and learn more from this forum, will do my best to improve my knowledge and my electric bike of course!


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