My first ebike ride report!


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3:11 AM
Jun 21, 2018
I drove the ebike on what I expect will be the most common route that I'll be driving it on today. Round trip around 12 miles I think.

I tried to stay off of the busier roads as much as possible for safety reasons and to try to avoid impeding traffic. I took a few short cuts through parking lots that could not or should not be done with a car.

All in all I seemed fairly welcome on the streets and folks seemed to notice me fairly no 'invisible motorcycle' syndrome.

There's a steep hill just before getting to my sub-division that I was a little worried about when we bought the ebike...I shouldn't have been. While the bike clearly slowed down on the hill I think it would have pulled it in 'all electric' mode, but I pedaled up it none the less and I think the combination of very little pedal effort on my part and electric boost I lost maybe 5 mph off of top speed and pulled the hill with ease.

Upon arrival home the battery charge had dropped to 3/4 (there are only 4 lights to show SOC--3 of 4 were still lit). Based upon that I think 30 miles might, indeed, be doable.

I did have a problem with my chain coming off 3 times and I had to put it back on. I've since tightened it up a bit hopefully eliminating that problem.

So, so far so good. I'm happy with the speed, it really didn't take a lot longer for the trips than the car would have. I wore my ipod (turned pretty low so I could hear traffic), a bike helmet, and sandals...I had a blast and used zero gas.

The battery's been charging for about 2 hours now and the charger still shows red...constant ~100 W draw.
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