My e-bike experience with the Wilderness Energy Hub Motor Kit


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Dec 25, 2018
I have to say that I am happy with the wilderness energy hub motor this summer. I had received it in mid July and have used it since. I have saved over $150 in fuel cost already. (I plan to let it pay for itself next year). I think I can get some more use out of it in September this year. Not bad for $400. I have found only two drawbacks. One, was that the battery power was just not quite enough for the almost 19 mile distance to work, that includes me pedaling at a moderate pace and cranking the throttle. I had to scale back a little for the first 3 miles, be a little more conservative on the throttle. Two, I have had some difficulty with the batteries. They were heavy enough to crack my 'Bell' bike rack and they can slip around in the case and unplug the terminals during use. I have since found a way to reduce the number of unplugs during my ride, but dang, my bike rack cracked! Need some lighter batteries.
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