Motor vs Battery Compatibility ... general question


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Feb 19, 2023
Just installed a new Bafang 48v/750watt mid drive kit. Hoped to use a newer 48v TransXPST battery from a Raleigh using its black/red leads to connect to the Bafang black/red motor leads. The display lights for 5 seconds then shuts down. Battery checks at 52.9v for a few seconds then drops to 36volts.
Is the fact that we ignored the 2 other leads from the battery causing this? Is there a work-around?

Any help appreciated. Thanks, Reino
First, keeping all your posts together would save time and cause less confusion.

Pairs should be marked INPUT and OUTPUT.

Describe IN DETAIL steps from battery at 52.9V to battery at 36V. Include type of testing equipment, what else is connected to battery, age of battery, stored how long, charged how recently, and how long before that, and with what charger, also series count if you know it, if not, be prepared for some disassembly.

This could well be a VERY BAD sign

Educated guess would be that battery sat uncharged for 4-6 months or more, and is now seriously damaged and possibly not only worthless, but a menace to anyone near it. Store in fireproof container.