motor upgrade - polarna m4

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Jul 6, 2022
hello. need some advice on upgrading my polarna m4 750 watt motor to a 1000- 1500 watt motor. the polarna doesnt have regular spokes. it has the six spoke wheel. the motor slides in to the housing. without changing to a spoked wheel on the rear, does anyone have the knowledge of a motor that will fit the wheel housing. polarna doesnt respond to inquires. if you have advice or have done this,I would appreciate your response.
I like one piece wheels, but they make upgrading motors almost impossible without changing the whole wheel. IMO you'd be better off buying a new bike with the power you want. Once you change the motor, then you'll need a bigger controller, and you'll be going through your battery a lot faster. You battery's bms probably isn't powerful enough for a bigger motor, so you could end up needing a whole new battery too.
The Polarna has the Bafang G0F0.750W I believe, there is no upgrade for a direct swap of internals. But there is the newer Bafang G04F.1000 D 1000w version with the 6 spoke mag wheel. Only problem is it’s hard to source direct to consumer and the motor cables probably will not match. Juiced bikes has been using an older 1000w version on their scrambler you could try and find out the serial code and motor connector on that.