motor turning slow and stops


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12:12 AM
Dec 17, 2021
Hello,i have a hub motor problems before which got solved by putting greese shown bellow.

then my wheel broke and i dissambled the wheel and configured the spokes and got the wheel as new .
but my hub motor stayed in open air for few days and when i tried to run it i got very slow even when i put more greese on the hub motor "wheel"
the greese photo and a video of my motor turning is attached in the linked.
there is a small clicking sound in the wheel ,its because one of the nipples of the spoke fell into the wheel.
Its as if the wheel is struggling to turn(although it got plenty of greese on the gears).
What can i do?

ehub video

greese photo
Hello :) the spoke nipple is not in the motor . it in the hollow part of the rim .
What can i do to find the cause of my motor being strugling?
It looks like it's in Pedestrian mode - do you have the Speed sensor attached? IDK much about these I'm guessing?