Most minimal controller for a build? Low-tech/no tech controller for motor/battery?


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4:10 PM
Jul 1, 2022
Want to build my own Ebike with an existing bike as a base.

What is a minimal controller setup? I'd like to to setup the battery/throttle control with no display whatsoever... No desire for pedal assist. Would actually be happy with an analog/rheostat type controller with some type of mid-drive motor and frame mounted battery.

Basically want to use this bike as a bike-lane legal motorcycle for commuting, and will track my speed manually with a separate GPS. I don't want any extra features or even a display connected to the actual battery/controller setup..

Is this possible? Am I nuts?
Do you think maybe you might want a switch to turn it off and on?

Lots of controllers have a jumper to operate with no display. Some loose some important functionality, some default to less than maximum performance, but some will do what you want, you can use a seperate battery switch or just disconnect the battery. Just match voltage and motor type, and make sure your chosen motor has standard characteristics. Some motors are known to have particular requirements that many controllers can not provide.