Mid Drive and front derailleur

Good question! As far as I know a mid drive ebike kit requires you to sacrifice your front derailleur and 2 or 3 chainrings. So your 27 speed mountain bike now becomes a 9 speed with one front chainring :(. The only thing you can choose is the size of the chainring that comes with the mid drive kit. If you want to go fast you get a large chainring and if you want to go up hills you get a small one. It seems you can't have both.

If anyone knows about anything different, please feel free to reply here!
My Staton Inc crank drive allows me to use my front derailleur. I use this shift pattern

1(1-3) Uphill and load pulling [red]
2(3-5) Around town general use [yellow]
3(5-7) Open road use [green]


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